Sanitation Strategies provides their customers a wide variety of chemical dispensing and application systems based on the specific needs of the facility. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most up-to-date equipment available in the marketplace. Our service technicians are trained on all aspects of equipment operation, installation, and preventative maintenance routines. We service the equipment we provide our customers to insure proper equipment operation and the highest level of sanitation results achievable. The following systems are a sampling of the many equipment solutions we employ to provide a customized systems approach for each of our customer's locations:

Concentration Control Systems

Our Industrial control systems feature an electronic sensing control that will monitor the total dissolved solids (T.D.S.) of chemical concentration in a wash or make-up tank and automatically activate a reliable, self-priming peristaltic pump to feed chemical and maintain a preset, consistent solution strength in commercial rack and tunnel washers.

Chemical Proportioning System

The KP1H chemical proportioning system is a masterpiece of design, simplicity and engineering innovation. Designed to truly make a difference, this unique chemical mixing system provides several revolutionary features that benefit the end user. The KP1H is available as a single product bottle or bucket fill dispenser, or multiple product Dial 4 dispenser. Its modular design allows the installer to convert from one dispenser configuration to another with only a few snap-on parts. This unique design available only with KP1H Systems, surpasses all magnet-activated proportioners for simplicity and adaptability to all cleaning applications.

Foam Equipment

Foam cleaning has become the standard in many cleaning processes for good reason. Increasing the chemical contact time on the surface being cleaned is one of the primary reasons for foam cleaning. To properly generate and apply foam cleaners, it is imperative that high quality foam equipment be used. Sanitation Strategies provides a wide variety of portable, wall-mount, hand held, and central foam system equipment to our customers. Need help in designing a central foam system for your facility? Call us today at 1-877-494-4364.

Employee Hygiene Stations

Help stop the spread of germs – use proper hand washing products and equipment to promote proper hygiene. As we all know, our hands can be a tool for transferring germs from one surface to another. Sanitation Strategies can design an employee hygiene program that incorporates hand soap, hand sanitizers, dispensing equipment, and on-site hand hygiene training. The implementation of a sound employee hygiene program can provide great benefits to your employees, processes, and products.