Employee training remains one the most challenging responsibilities of any employer. Sanitation Strategies assists its customers with this daunting challenge by providing on-site training for employees in the areas of chemical safety, chemical application systems, employee hygiene, environmental sanitation, food safety practices, and GMP compliance. Customized training programs are also available to help insure our customers realize the most effective hygienic solutions for their critical environment. Our goal is to our customers with the necessary knowledge and skills required for safe handling of chemicals. 

Some of the benefits of our ChemTrain program includes: 

  • Specifically designed for laboratory animal science sanitation workers 
  • Increases chemical safety awareness 
  • Reduces the likelihood of chemical safety accidents
  • Uses real life examples 
  • Compliments on-site training
  • Maintains permanent training records
  • Available 24/7 in English and Spanish 

Safety Measures 

Our ChemTrain program reviews safety measures that need to be followed while using chemical application and dispensing equipment in order to prevent accidents, like a chemical discharge.



One of the most important topics our ChemTrain program covers is the importance of PPE, personal protective equipment. It is a key component of proper chemical safety practices to guard your health and safety so the course goes over the different proper types and uses off PPE as well as where to locate this information prior to handling chemical.