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A prominent pharmaceutical manufacturer was experiencing difficulty with secondary containment regulations mandated by local authorities. Working with their existing chemical vendor for several months to address the issue, there appeared to be no solution in sight.


The challenge was quite clear, solve our secondary containment issue and you can have the contract to provide sanitation chemicals and systems for our multi-site facility. Sanitation Strategies carefully evaluated the chemical storage and containment needs of this prospective customer and researched various options that would solve the problem at hand. After only a few hours of research, Sanitation Strategies had located a chemical storage container that provided the secondary containment necessary to meet all local regulations. Sanitation Strategies even supplied these containers in a color-coded system to help identify containers by the type of chemicals being stored inside.


This current customer presently has over ten of these chemical storage containers on-site and is in compliance with local regulations. Facility safety and liability have been greatly reduced by the implementation of this solution provided by Sanitation Strategies. The color-coded system that these containers provide helps to insure chemicals are not incorrectly identified. Contact Sanitation Strategies today to learn more about this solution and many more.

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